Mǎ Sī

Reino Shu
Vida 4
Rey No
1v1 No
3v3 No
4v4 No
Expansión SP'17


  • Frígido

    En tu Fase de Acción, una vez por cada jugador: puedes darle 1 Sha a ese jugador.

    Cuando use esta carta: robas 1 carta.


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I have restored this file maded by Arcan with all the details of use/play/discard/other:

"Use" a card refers to using the card for it's intended purpose.
"Play" a card refers to the card being used in response to another.


USED (使用)
- Yuan Shao uses 2 cards as RAINING ARROWS
- Yu Ji's card gets called & revealed; since it is not hearts it has no effect (same as 20)
- use 2 cards as an attack with Serpent Halberd
- Any card that is used but has no effect
- Sha to hurt someone with an attack
- Dodge to dodge an attack

- ATTACKs played in a DUEL
- ATTACKsplayed to avoid BARBARIAN
- DODGEs plalyed to avoid RAINING ARROWS

- Diao Chan d/c a card to force two males to DUEL
- Da Qiao d/c a card to redirect an ATTACK
- Sun Shang Xiang d/c 2 cards to heal
- Sun Jiang forces some one to draw and d/c
- Xiao Qiao d/c a card to deflect damage
- Lu Su d/c cards to make two players exchange hands
- Card d/c to cause BLAZE damage
- Card d/c from Gender Double Swords or Frost Blade
- Cards d/c to force a hit with Rock Cleaving Sword
- An equipment card is discarded from Qi Lin Bow
- Cards discarted in the discard phase
- leftover cards from dead players
- cards discarded after judgements (result cards)

NOT DISCARDS nor used nor played:
- Reforge: IRON SHACKLE is "used" for RE-DRAW function (cannot be negated)
- GRAND HARVEST is used, but Negated or does not affect a player, so the remaining cards are "d/c"
- Cards used in a Points Fight
- Removed cards (移去) , normally from cards atop/beside your character
- Cards SHOWed from the deck and then "d/c"
- Cards placed into the discard pile (without being speciffically 'discarded')
- An equipment card is discarded after being replaced with another

Xavier Ortiz
Hace 4 años

Hi Tom, I am always glad to answer!
1. Real card
2. For this we usually use certain terminology, I should do some section on the web to put it, someday.... The words we usually use is USE and PLAY.
- use: It is when you use the card for what is intended. A sha is intended to be used as an attack.
- play: It is when you use the card for what is not intended. In this case the Barbarians, Duels, Weapon Skills, etc. are applied.
As for the skills of characters here it depends on what the skill itself says.
3. No

Xavier Ortiz
Hace 4 años

I would like a bit of clarification if possible please since this character seems fairly weak at first glance and also express my gratitude for replying to my questions. Thank you. If any of my questions are stupid just ignore them as well :)

1. Is the Sha given to each player a real card from your hand or is it a colorless Sha and not a real card just like with "Xià Hóu Yuān"(wei) and his ability "Godspeed".
2. Assuming that the card is real and from your hand, in what instance will it regard as the card being used? Aside from attacking another player, does using the Sha in the case of "Barbarian", "Duel", "Point fight" as well as character abilities such as "Zhao Yun"(shu) and his ability "Dragon Heart" count? What are the limits of use?
3. Does discard also count as using the Sha. (Stupid question, but I'm still confused as to why this character feels so weak.)

tom shoe
Hace 4 años

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