Bào Sān Niáng

Reino Shu
Vida 3
Rey No
1v1 No
3v3 No
4v4 No
Expansión SP'18


  • Martial Artist

    When you use/play Sha: you can take 1 card from another player. If you do, he draws 1 card; then, if Guan Suo is present: he also draws 1 card.

  • Promise

    Once per game, after another ♂ player helps you to leave the brink of death, if Guan Suo is not present: you can replace your character with Guan Suo. Then:

    - Return to 1 HP.

    - Acquire "Subdue the South".

    • Subdue the South

      When you become the target of Barbarians: you can deal 1d3 damage to another player.


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Hi Tom, its 1 dice of 3. You can use a dice of 6 and 4=1, 5=2, 6=3

Xavier Ortiz
Hace 4 años

Under Subdue the South what is "1d3"? Typo?

tom shoe
Hace 4 años

Sorry for the delay, i think now is the correct one. Thanks Tony ;)

Xavier Ortiz
Hace 4 años

lol Xavi, next time if you don't know who is who ask me xD

Thanks Tony for the correction!

Arcan Chan
Hace 4 años

The picture is not of Bao Sanniang but of Xu Rong

Tony Wolf
Hace 4 años

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